Deep water to me is one of the great mysteries in the world.  It restores my senses.

My work is about water and its many forms, colors, moods and patterns.  Whether calm or turbulent it has great power, beauty and mystery.  My mixed media works are about layers of meaning as well as layers of materials.  They are about time and place, nature and our interconnected role.  Water’s edge to water’s depths are my time and place.

In the vision of my story about place, I try to capture those illusive qualities of pattern, texture, light and color from visited or imagined places where life is lived by the currents and planned by the tides.  I find I listen more deeply surrounded by the vastness and the silence of these places.

My mission is to create uplifting works that carry an air of mystery.  Making marks on fabric or paper that is colored and layered to add depth is my personal way to bring awareness to our world and its treasures.

In my palette, all shades of blue find purpose.  To me, blue symbolizes the essence of space, light and the boundless eternity of the sea and sky.